Cake blogging.  It was only a matter of time.

This week I have been a parent ten years.  To celebrate, I undertook a mammoth baking task, to make a rainbow cake.  If you fancy making one yourself, here’s how.

First set aside an entire day, it will take that long.  Then switch on Radio 4 and listen to a programme about the Bronte sisters’ piano, or similar, it’ll make the endless washing up a lot more enjoyable.

I treated it like a scientific experiment.  I weighed my mixing bowl first.  Then I made a mixture using seven eggs.  I think it would have been better using more mixture, I was just wary of making enough cake to eat for three years.  As it is, we’re still ploughing our way through it days later.  I weighed the eggs, then used equal quantities of sugar, butter and self raising flour and a splash of milk.  I then weighed the mixture in the bowl and therefore worked out the total weight of the cake mixture.  I divided this by seven and rounded down to allow for spoon licking.  So each of my layers contained 230 grams of mixture.

I have two 19cm cake tins, so I had a kind of cake relay in operation.  I’d weight out 230 grams of mixture into a small bowl, add paste food colouring, which is much stronger than the liquid stuff and colours very satisfyingly, then put it in the oven whilst washing up the tin and bowl from the previous colour.  Make sure you spread the mixture out carefully, my cakes weren’t quite flat enough. I made the cakes in colour order, because I’m anal like that.  Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.

So that’s it really.  I wasn’t difficult, it just took AGES.  What do you think?


This post is part of The Gallery at Sticky Fingers.  This week’s prompt is ‘colour’.