Wonderful workshop!

On Saturday, I did something completely new; I taught other people how to make things from silver. And it was a lovely and productive afternoon. I had three willing and able pupils who learnt how to saw, drill, file, sand and punch. They were fast learners, who didn’t break a single saw blade, which is very impressive for first timers.


You teach really well. I love the way you explained the origins of tools or the reasons behind certain skills.

They enjoyed a peaceful afternoon learning new skills, chatting and eating homemade cake.


My boys were all thoroughly impressed with my tags


Today was brilliant. My creative brain loves me!

Their finished results are beautiful, as I think you’ll agree.


It went so well that I’m going to do it again! I’ve decided to try doing two, one on Friday 28th March 10-1 and the second on Saturday 29th 1-4, keeping them small, with a maximum of four people each.  If you’re interested in these or future dates, leave a comment and I’ll send you a bit more info.

Exciting times!

  1. It was a wonderful day. You are a teaching natural and I loved how you explained the origins and background behind the materials and the steps. Your demo made it all look so EASY! Can’t wait to see my mums face when she opens it! Well done, V. x

  2. I would love to come, but I can’t do March as I’ve already committed to quite a lot. If they are a success and you decide to do more in April/May, please let me know! x

    • Victoria said:

      I shall let you know!

  3. obscurething said:

    Where are you in the UK? Looks like fun.

    • Victoria said:

      South West London, near clapham junction 🙂

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