I love Radio 4

I was a late convert, didn’t used to see the point, but as if often the way with converts, I’m now something of a zealot.

We didn’t listen to it when i was growing up, we were a Radio 2 and LBC household, so I never got into the habit.  I used to think it was just interminable news and slightly dodgy plays.  At least that’s what it always seemed to be whenever I turned it on.  A friend, whose taste I trust, kept nagging me to listen, telling me I’d really like it.  At first I brushed her off, so she started recommending specific programmes, which actually sounded quite interesting.  I found iPlayer on the computer, and had a listen.

What I discovered, was a world full of fascinating human stories.  Once I’d listened to one programme that I loved, an episode of Lives in a Landscape, I needed to hear more.  I spent hours hopping from programme one to another, trying things, discarding some and gobbling others, in the manner of a post-rationing child with a box of chocolates.  Eventually I sorted the series I liked from the things I didn’t.  And there were lots I liked.

I  can’t imagine my days without it.  It keeps me company when I’m working, informs me, challenges me, make me feel clever just for having it on. When I have to go without for a few days I miss it, and I fall gratefully on iPlayer as soon as I am home again.  It has filled a hole in my life that I didn’t know was there.  I truly love it.

Now I’m just trying to work out who is who in the Archers…


  1. Ruth said:

    I don’t listen to Radio 4 but it did brilliant things to dinner time last week. My husband spent two days away on business and there was lots of driving involved. He came back jaded from work but with a new lease of conversational life. We debated whether it was a good thing the CEO of Co-Op went head to head with a customer and he has actually ok-ed me spending on some new curtains thanks to a programme on circadian rhythm and darkness. Our kitchen needs a radio ASAP. Lush post VW.

    • Victoria said:

      Thanks Ruth, you definitely do!

  2. Kelly said:

    Love the comment above. For me it was always mum listening to The Archers and us listening to the comedy or Just a Minute at dinnertime. Starting to listen by choice was a bit of a shock to me, so afraid of turning into my mum I guess! I love how we share recommendations though. Keep listening…

    • Victoria said:

      You too. And when your children are a little bit older, check out the 4 O’Clock show on 4Extra, it’s fab!

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