Here’s one I made earlier: moustache necklace


It started when I was experimenting with enamel colours.  You can just test them out on flat strips of copper, but that’s a bit dull isn’t it?  So I cut out some moustaches and hammered them until they had a flowing, bushy shape.  The colour I liked best was this one, apricot, which works perfectly with the blackened, oxidised edges.  It was far too lovely to hide away in a box of bits and pieces, it had to be given a purpose.

If you can’t laugh in life, then what’s the point? This necklace is for laughing. I cut out a little stick, which I oxidised the match the blackened edges of the moustache, then I added two tiny rivets, one to attach the moustache to the stick and one to hold the moustache in a horizontal position when you need to use it. If you are having a non-moustache moment, you can fold it up and it hangs from the blackened chain vertically.

Say cheese!


1 comment
  1. Lindy said:

    love it! Now you have to make an owl for me!

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