Here’s one I made earlier: dog tag necklace



It started life as a bone ring.  A relic ring to go with the relics and charms on the pin brooches I make.  The first thing anyone who saw it said was, “It’s a dog ring!” There’s a round of Family Fortunes in there somewhere; I’m betting religious relic would be a big fat cross and dog would be top answer.

Then a the owner of a lovely Labrador called Harry saw it, and asked if it could be turned into a necklace.  Anyone with a Labrador must have good taste, so I said yes.  I made a Harry tag, a dog tag if you will, with an oversized jump ring, to echo the ring of the bone and the ring of the catch.  Soldered the bar and ring onto the chain and that’s pretty much it.  It’s simple, but I like simple.  And the ring could still be worn as a ring, so it’s two pieces of jewellery in one.  Bargain.




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