Here’s one I made earlier: protect pin badge



When I rescued these once-loved religious charms from a Brussels flea market, they were dangling on a little safety pin.  A used-to-be-married-to-a-catholic friend said it’s because you pin them to your bra for protection.  Which got me thinking.  We all need a bit of protection from time to time, don’t we?

So all I’ve done is give them a new lease of life.  I’ve made a sterling silver pin, just like the tiny brass one they came on, adding a brooch bit at the back for attaching to your coat or jumper.  I wouldn’t recommend attaching it to your bra, it’s a bit pointy.  And I’ve made a geniune, silver clay relic, guaranteed from the body of an actual saint*, for extra protection.  Just in case, I’ve also cut and stamped two little tags saying ‘devotion’ and ‘protection’, partly because I like words, and partly just because.

This actual one in the photo has been sold, but I have lots of lovely charms and bones, just waiting for a new owner who will love them and look after them.


*please read small print, bone authenticity not guaranteed

  1. I adore these. They remind me of old kilt pins that I used to wear as a nipper

    • Victoria said:

      That’s kind of what I copied!

  2. Kelly said:

    These are just wonderful. I might get you to make me a pin, and some tags and then make some charms to hang on myself. Time to save up my pennies!

    • Victoria said:

      Thank you!

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