I don’t like to boast but…


He’s having a little rest on his way to the summit, it’s hard work.

I made this little guy (this photo is about twice life size) for a show I had last week at Craft Central in Clerkenwell.  It went pretty well, I sold a few things, got a couple of commissions too, and best of all got some really lovely feedback.  My ex-tutor said that my prices are way too low, something she’s always nagging me about.  She pointed out that I’m charging less than a decent meal out with a bottle of wine.  What I make is worth more than pizza.

But she also said that I should sell my stuff in galleries, which is something I’d not even considered. Thought that was way out of my league.  She said my stuff is quirky and unique, and I should make more of this.  Limited edition mountaineers and the like.  I mentioned gift shops and craft fairs and she rolled her eyes.  I’ve never thought of myself as an artist, it all seems like a lot of nonsense half the time, but maybe that’s the way I’m heading.

*shuffles off in an embarrassed British manner*

  1. Oh my goodness that is fabulous! Now stop with this embarrassed British shuffling nonsense!

  2. Heather said:

    You are most definitely an artist and I am already on the case researching galleries for you! I was blown away by your work at the show and think that your creativity and imagination is very inspiring. *turns bright red and shuffles off*

  3. Fantastic news! Thanks for sharing! Definitely don’t be embarrassed – although I totally understand. X

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