I do love a fire. I don’t care if it’s in a cobalt tiled grate for roasting chestnuts and marshmallows, on a windswept, frozen inky beach after at botched attempt at lighting a floating lantern, in a metal bucket in the garden for cooking bread or accompanied by fireworks and the smell of cooking onions on the common.

This fire was on a Yorkshire beach in February.  We were frozen.  But the magical, flickering light and the sticky, sweetness of the toasted marshmallows warmed our cockles.

  1. Julie said:

    (What I wouldn’t give for a fire right this minute…I need more than my cockles warning!)

  2. Heather said:

    Love D’s face in this – absolutely entranced. We really miss having a real fire (or any fire for that matter) – think we’ll invest in a fire pit for the garden this winter.

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