Second class citizens

I’m gobsmacked.  Don’t understand how they can get it so wrong.  How they can seriously think it’s OK.  I don’t claim to be much of a Church goer, and I’m not sure what I believe about the firmament and our place in it; but I certainly don’t feel comfortable with making children part of an organisation which so blatantly says that women are not good enough.

Our local Church has a female vicar, I think she does her job pretty well in my limited experience.  But the issue is not how well she does her job.  The issue is that she can’t even be considered for a role that she may or may not be very good at.  I don’t know exactly what a Bishop does, except for in the very loosest sense, but  I’m pretty sure it’s not a role that requires you to use your testicles.  As far as I’m aware you’re supposed to keep your genitals entirely out of it.  But because of her lack of testicles, our local vicar would not be allowed to do it all the same.

As a country, we were delighted that a woman from Saudi Arabia participated in the Olympics, and that we won the first ever women’s boxing gold medal.  The UK is far from perfect on the equality front, but changes have been and are being made, most people have their hearts in the right place.  Women can be doctors, astronauts, army officers, Prime Ministers, Monarchs.  But not Bishops.

I think they’ve made a huge mistake.  The Church is withering, a shadow of it’s former self.  We don’t go any more, or not very often. When I say we, I mean all of us, the British people.  And we’ll continue to not go.  Why would we?

I, for one, don’t want to be part of an organisation that sees me as a second class citizen.

  1. Emily said:

    Gobsmacked is right. The thing that I have been quite encouraged by is the amount of flack they are getting from everyone it seems. Rowan Williams didn’t really sit on the fence with his statement from what I can tell. There is some pressure from the commons with a motion to make them follow the equality act and I heard a really good rant from a female rabbi on Radio 2 ‘Pause for thought’ today. I know it’s only a small thing, but that particular bit is usually kept very nicey nicey and yet she was encouraged to speak out, which surprised me

    It is utterly ridiculous and makes the church even more irrelevant than it was before.

    • Victoria said:

      Your comment is much better than my post!

  2. Thing is, the bishops and the clergy voted FOR women bishops.

    It was the laity (pew warmers) that voted against it- those without any/much theological training. And it must be said, a lot of the more vehement opposition to the ordination of women bishops isn’t gender specific either. I think the vote, if nothing else, lays to rest the “jobs for the boys” sexism argument over the ordination of women because plenty of the vocal no camp are women. This vote by the House of Laity is purely down to Biblical interpretation and a quick course in Biblical hermeneutics would probably benefit most of them.

    • Victoria said:

      I know but I don’t really care who it was. The Church should organise themselves in such a way that this couldn’t happen. How can a small bunch of out of touch people speak for everyone?

    • Victoria said:


  3. Jane said:

    I agree completely and sense the same from other women my age (early 30’s). I’m
    An atheist now but was involved in the church via family for many years and I barely know anyone who takes them seriously. It shouldn’t even be a ‘debate’. They are literally 100 years behind.

    • Victoria said:


  4. Oh this has made me so angry that I haven’t even been able to write about it. I am a woman, I birthed two males out of my vagina, thgis makes me better if not equal to a man! I can not believe this in this day and age,

    • Victoria said:

      It’s madness isn’t it? (excuse the pun)

  5. Paula said:

    Well said. I’ve largely avoided the debate because it just feels so unarguably ridiculous, in the same way as trying to reason with a toddler. I’m stunned that we still live in this world, my brain screams “surely this must be illegal”, and then I stop and think about the level of misogyny all around us, and in the world at large and I feel broken by it. Where do we even start?

    • Victoria said:

      No idea. Absolutely no idea.

  6. Kelly said:

    Well said as usual. The sad thing is I wasn’t surprised just disappointed. I agree they should organise themselves in a way that means the majority win a vote too. Anything else is madness really.

    • Victoria said:

      It really is. Bonkers.

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