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I like birds. They’re cute.  Especially teeny silver ones.  I’ve been making them ever since I bought a beautiful book of bird illustrations, which I copied freehand to create little silhouettes.

I made a wren for a friend’s birthday and was particularly pleased, so I showed it to my friend Emily in the hope that she’d shower me with praise.  She was gratifyingly complimentary (she was probably after something), then said, “Why don’t you make twitter birds? I bet people would buy them.”

So I did.  And, very pleasingly, they have.  And should you wish, you could buy one too, via the lovely In The Powder Room WeShop people.

They’re a great way to identify yourself at tweet ups. #justsaying

  1. I love my tweetie bird and shall be doing a post about it very soon!

    • Victoria said:

      I’m so pleased you love it x

  2. Just beautiful! You are so amazingly talented and I can’t wait for mine to arrive 🙂

    • Victoria said:

      *sniff* you are very sweet. I’m looking forward to making it.

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