A short list of things I haven’t learnt about parenting

I’m not yet a veteran parent.  I’ve not weathered the teens.  But having spend a goodly number of years in the baby infantry and finally got all three off to proper school, I like to think I’ve earned enough stripes reach at least the rank of  Captain.  There are however a number of things which continue to mystify me:

– Why boys always manage to get wee on the loo seat and why I never remember this and sit down anyway.

– Why as soon as one child has got over a period of grumpiness or bad behaviour another one starts. Like a particularly annoying relay race.

– Why teddies appear to breed in children’s beds.

– Why they wake up so bloody early in the morning.

– Why as soon as you mention, or even think about, a parenting related issue going well, it all goes to pot.  As if there’s some kind of parenting bad fairy who can read our minds.

– How to get rid of nits.




  1. Oh I despair about boys and loo’s! Oh and Nits too! Great post

  2. Tara said:

    And how one child can store up so much wind. Or is that just my son?

    • Victoria said:

      When you say store up, you actually mean release don’t you?

  3. Ha! And not to walk across a room in the dark without turning the light on because there will ALWAYS be lego waiting to attack your feet

    • Victoria said:

      oh yes, that too…

  4. I sit in boy wee many times a day, I endure the bad behaviour grump relay, I get up early every day, I regularly go to pot with parental issues. However….. I liberally spray teatree oil over my children every morning as they leave the house and so far WE HAVE HAD NO NITS. HA.

    • Victoria said:

      there’s no need to gloat.

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