I think we might have started something…

Yet another Hawaiian beach

Last week, as the setting sun turned the sky over Clapham Common a fiery pink, we were walking back from our new skatepark.  We’ve visited a few times since it re-opened; it’s been hugely expanded and the children love it.

The seven year old, was talking about this and that when apropos of nothing he said, “Why can’t we go to Hawaii, or New Zealand or somewhere interesting?  We always go to the same places now, it’s boring.”

I asked him what it was that he missed about these places we visited last year.  “We had so much space, and freedom, and there was always something to do.  I wish we could go on a round the world trip every year.”

This could get expensive.


I’m taking part in The Things They Say and Do over at Thinly Spread.

  1. I think visiting those places could be a very hard act to follow! Love the action shot, looks like your kids had great fun there :O) @Chaoskay

  2. Itchy feet in one so young! How fab that he has those horizons to yearn for. Thanks for linking lovely, much appreciated. x

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