Matching printed separates

I was reading the fashion section of the Guardian Magazine on Saturday (stop laughing at the back), when I saw a phrase that made me choke on my coffee: matching printed separates.  Not only was I gobsmacked that they were talking about £900 pyjamas as items of everyday wear for adults (I mean really), but it also reminded me of something.

Fashion in Vietnam is interesting.  They’ve moved on from their traditional Maoist navy blue pyjama suits.  These days, whilst still Communist, the Vietnamese have embraced freedom of expression and their inner Bet Lynch.  Modern Vietnamese women still wear the pyjama suits of their ancestors.  But now with an eye-popping array of prints: leopard skin, flowery, stripy, busy.  But always matching.  Matching printed separates.  I should have bought some while I had the chance.

  1. I rather fancy spending the day in my pyjamas. They are beautiful, comfortable and far more flattering than my usual jeans/jumper combo. She looks fab on her bike, lovely pic!

  2. They are so you. I think you need the bike too. I love PJ’s although I am not sure about pattern matched separates in my everyday life

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